What is the role of the Data Protection Authority?

Please see Mapbox DPA, Schedule B to learn what personal data may be collected and how it is used. Mapbox applies the principle of data minimization to product development and operations in an effort to ensure the least amount of personal data is collected from the outset. Regarding the limited personal dataset that Mapbox processes, it has implemented a number of technical and organization measures designed to ensure data protection, including prompt deletion of raw log files that contain IP addresses and billing IDs. For billing IDs, which need to be retained for accounting and billing purposes, Mapbox deploys regular ID rotation and 1-way hashing to minimize the ability to track user requests over time. In addition, Mapbox operates strict de-identification procedures, such as clipping traces, for telemetry events that send location data. 5.1 Security.


While the software may be an excellent upgrade from paper-based or spreadsheet systems, the software provider is a third party that will be collecting, storing, and communicating personal data about patients. This necessitates a data processing agreement. The United States. However, for performance purposes, Mapbox regularly caches content on its AWS CDN network located in various regions. When content is unavailable in the CDN cache or where the API service requires custom calculations, the requests are routed to the US for processing. Mapbox also utilizes the services of employees who work for Mapbox wholly-owned subsidiaries in order  to support, develop and provide its products/services.

Personal Data Breaches

For the purposes of this DPA, capitalized terms shall have the following meanings. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined shall have the meaning given to them in the Principal Agreement. The GitHub DPA applies to the processing of data for GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub Enterprise Cloud (EMU), GitHub Enterprise (Unified), GitHub AE, GitHub Teams, and GitHub Copilot. Not a Sale.


(i) The terms «consent», «controller», «data subject», «Member State», «personal data», «personal data breach», «processor», «sub processor», «processing», «supervisory authority» and «third party» shall have the meanings ascribed to them in article 4 of the GDPR. In the case of a GDPR data processing agreement, remember that the controller can be held responsible for a data breach even if caused by a processor error. Make sure that the processor has the bandwidth necessary to ensure data protection and measures in place to respond quickly to any issues that arise. 9.3    Order of Precedence. Regarding the subject matter of this https://g-markets.net/software-development/java-developer-roles-responsibilities-bmc-software/, in the event of any conflict between this DPA and any other written agreement between the Parties (including the Agreement), this DPA will govern and control.

1 Scope. This DPA governs processing of Customer Personal Data by MessageBird as a processor.

If Customer fails to sign up for these email notifications, Customer shall be deemed to have waived its right to object to the newly added Subprocessor(s). Where personal data is processed or used automatically, Sinch Email’s internal organization ensures that it meets specific requirements of data protection by utilizing security best practices. In particular, Sinch Email implements the following measures to protect personal data or other sensitive data categories. (a) The Standard Contractual Clauses and, if required, the UK Addendum, having Sinch Email act as data importer with the Customer acting as data exporter are incorporated as part of this DPA. If Sinch Email’s arrangement with a sub-processor involves a Restricted Transfer, Sinch Email shall ensure that the onward transfer provisions of the Standard Contractual Clauses and/or UK Addendum are incorporated into the Principal Agreement, or otherwise entered into, between Sinch Email and the sub-processor.

The parties acknowledge and agree that the disclosure of California Personal Information by the Customer to HubSpot does not form part of any monetary or other valuable consideration exchanged between the parties. CCPA Audits. You will have the right to take reasonable and appropriate steps to help ensure that we use California Personal Information in a manner consistent with Customer’s obligations under the CCPA. Upon notice, you will have the right to take reasonable and appropriate steps in accordance with the Agreement to stop and remediate unauthorized use of California Personal Information. If you need help retrieving your Customer Data during the Subscription Term, we will provide reasonable assistance to you, at your cost, and in accordance with the ‘Confidentiality’ section of the General Terms.

DPA 4088 CORE Directional Headset Microphone for Shure Wireless – Beige

Compliance. We will (i) comply with obligations applicable to us as a Service Provider under the CCPA and (ii) provide California Personal Information with the same level of privacy protection as is required by the CCPA. We will notify you if we make a determination that we can no longer meet our obligations as a Service Provider under the CCPA. We will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data from Personal Data Breaches, as described under Annex 2 to this DPA («Security Measures»). Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, we may modify or update the Security Measures at our discretion provided that such modification or update does not result in a material degradation in the protection offered by the Security Measures. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual where (i) such information is contained within Customer Data; and (ii) is protected similarly as personal data, personal information, or personally identifiable information under applicable Data Protection Laws.

  • 9.10  Regulatory Requests.
  • A great place to start is by looking at the DPAs currently used by enterprise processors.
  • Data Subject includes “consumer” as such term is defined under the CCPA.
  • Roles of the Parties.
  • To the extent legally permitted, Customer will be responsible for any expenses attributable to Smartsheet’s assistance efforts outside the normal course of business.
  • Ironclad provides self-help services at your specific direction.
  • For billing IDs, which need to be retained for accounting and billing purposes, Mapbox deploys regular ID rotation and 1-way hashing to minimize the ability to track user requests over time.

2.3    GDPR Penalties. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this DPA or in the Agreement (including, without limitation, either party’s indemnification obligations), neither party will be responsible for any GDPR fines issued or levied under Article 83 of the GDPR against the other party by a regulatory authority or governmental body in connection with such other party’s violation of the GDPR. 1.9    Certification.

Data exporter’s employees, contractors, representatives, agents, and other individuals whom data exporter permits to use the Service, as well as Personal Information relating to the data exporter’s customers, partners, users, and vendors. Zapier shall make available its privacy and security policies and other such information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations set forth in this Addendum. If the parties are unable to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to your objection to a new Subprocessor, you, as your sole and exclusive remedy, may terminate the Order for the affected Service for convenience, and Zapier will refund any prepaid, unused fees for the terminated portion of the applicable Term. Data Subject Requests.

  • By way of example, and in accordance with the Agreement, Customer may require Smartsheet to provide documentation that verifies that Smartsheet no longer retains or uses Customer personal information of Data Subjects who have made a valid request of Customer to delete their personal information.
  • If Schedule 3 applies to Customer’s use of the Service, then, if applicable, under the order of precedence, by entering into this DPA, the Parties are deemed to be signing such EU Standard Contractual Clauses, including each of its applicable Annexes.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments and Consultation with Supervisory Authorities.
  • You process client data such as delivery addresses and billing details required in the nature of your business.
  • Such Customer’s instructions shall be documented in the applicable order, services description, support ticket, other written communication or as directed by Customer using the Services (such as through an API or control panel).

Sinch Email shall provide a copy of the Controller’s Data in a form that can be read and processed further. (b) Customer, or a mandated third party auditor, may upon written reasonable request conduct an inspection in relation to the Processing of the Customer’s Personal Data by Sinch Email and to the extent necessary according to Data Protections Laws and without interrupting Sinch Email’s business operations and ensuring confidentiality. (a) «Customer’s Personal Data» means any personal data that is processed by Sinch Email on behalf of the Customer to perform the Services under the Principal Agreement.

Authorization. The legal entity agreeing to this 10 Best IT Certifications Java Developers Should Aim in 2023 by javinpaul Javarevisited as Customer represents that it is authorized to agree to and enter into this DPA for and on behalf of itself and, as applicable, each of its Permitted Affiliates. Compliance with Laws. Within the scope of the Agreement and in its use of the services, you will be responsible for complying with all requirements that apply to it under applicable Data Protection Laws with respect to its Processing of Personal Data and the Instructions it issues to us. “Controller” means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the Processing of Personal Data. 11.3 Any claims brought under this DPA shall be subject to the terms and conditions, including but not limited to, the exclusions and limitations set forth in the Agreement.

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