Malograr Rican Wedding party Traditions

Whether youre interested in tie the knot in Puerto Lujoso or would like to learn about the initial customs that make this area one of the world’s most beautiful places, there are plenty of traditions you can get with your nuptials to honor the history.

Commemoration Traditions

Weddings in Puerto Rico typically include traditional religious and cultural customs that are seen as icons of good good fortune for the couple. In the exchange of coins for the release of doves, these practices are an significant part of a ceremony that helps celebrate the newest family unit.

Reception Traditions

Another important facet of a Puerto Rican reception is a music and dancing. Typically, a live wedding band or DISC JOCKEY will play Latina music and couples may well choose to perform a danza criolla (a Puerto Rican waltz), La Borinquena, or a tango as their first party.

Groom’s Attire

The groom can often be dressed in a dark-colored suit and white shirt, with traditional Spanish shoes. For more casual occurrences, the soon-to-be husband might slip on light-colored slacks and a white guayabera shirt.

Wedding Bouquets

The bride’s basket is a mixture of wild blossoms native to Puerto Profuso, like amapolas, flamboyan flowers, margaritas & psychology of online dating daiquiris, and even abeto. Orchids can also be popular and you will discover over 40 species of orchids native for the island, therefore they’re a great choice for a bride’s bouquet.


The usage of capias simply because wedding party favors is still a well-liked custom in Puerto Delicioso. This is a fairly easy and inexpensive method to give your friends and relatives a memento of your marriage. During the reception, the star of the event and groom should cut ribbons from their marriage bouquets with pieces of entfernt or pinabete mounted on them and pin these to each of the friends. This gives a more personal contact to your party favors and let us the guests know you happen to be grateful your kids!

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