Syrian Brides: Short Stories by Anna Halabi, Paperback

In her many stories, Anna expertly manages to convey lessons to the reader, not only about life in Syria but also life in general. I read between one and three stories a day which was just the perfect pace to go. Since I usually don’t pick up short stories, I highly doubted just zooming through them all would benefit my reading experience. As others have said, this is a full length book with a collection of short stories about Syrian Brides. You can read this at your leisure or more likely gobble it up in one sitting. This is a collection of short stories about Syrian women and their relationship with their husbands.

  • In some stories it is affectionately, in other maliciously and in the darkest of these almost violently.
  • This is the only viable option to ensure that displacement camps in Syria do not become an everlasting embodiment of the ideology and practices of ISIS, fueling resentment and inspiring terrorism.
  • On the contrary, hundreds of thousands people from Syria have left their homeland.
  • Many women were unaware that IUDs were given for free in primary healthcare centres.

A collection of short stories illustrating the everyday life of married women in Aleppo, Syria, Syrian Brides was a quick, humorous read with stories that still elicit a smile when I think about them. Each story was around the length of a chapter and standalone which made it easy to pick up in between tasks like dinner, baby wrangling, and nap time. Syrian Brides is a collection of short stories centred around married life in Syria . In quick, skilful strokes Halabi sketches out the intricacies of marriage for men and women, young and old. There is the story of the woman who cheekily takes in two gullible store owners and manages to get away with a hundred thousand liras worth of jewellery. The woman who uses cunning to cure her husband of his fondness for his late wife.

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I gladly accepted and was immersed in some near perfect fable-like tales as well as others that were average to very good and only one that I thought was over-the-top. The author bio states that she immigrated to Germany in 1999. The stories are based on her personal experiences and those of family and friends. As we all work to better the lives of women, not just in our own country, but for women everywhere, this book left a deep impression on me. On one hand, I felt disheartened by the patriarchal dominance and oppression described within these stories, but on the other hand, I feel humbled and gained much insight through these stories.

Syrian Brides – Anna Halabi

Syrian Brides by Anna Halabi has been voted to the top of several lists on including Best Short Stories Collections, Best Feminist Fiction and Best Kindle Unlimited Books. This extended edition of Syrian Brides is a collection of fourteen short stories offering insight into the lives of Syrian women, both the married and the brides-to-be. Secondary schooling is a breaking point in this challenging context. On primary schooling, the Jordanian government claims better than the global 63 percent enrollment rate for refugees. And while the government says that 30 percent of eligible Syrian students are enrolled in secondary school, other surveys point to 15 to 21 percent. Globally this number is 24 percent, underlining the global challenge.

The women’s advises to the new bribes are practical and include number of aspects. Nagwa suggests finishing school already in Syria, before coming to Israel. “At first, fulfil your dreams, finish school/college and then you would be able to work, to trust yourself and have confidence, thus, to be independent”. Morgana offers to study about the life in Israel already in Syria, in order to ease her future adaptation “So she would understand situations in her new life, would learn the behavioral codes, what to expect, for everything differs Syria. It would greatly improve and facilitate her integration to the new life”. Morgana also believes that she had made a mistake, yet she relates it to lack of self-fulfillment “For years I didn’t fulfill my dreams―I did not continued studying, I haven’t worked at all, just sat at home and gave birth children. In Damascus there are more alternatives for female to learn and work freely, outside the village, here it is very difficult”.

A beautiful view into the culture of Syrian women, their lives and relationships.” — L.H. My friend’s mother began married life without friends or family, but made the most of it over the years and has been relatively happy.


In addition, due to the blood relationship with the families in Syria, the number of marriages between Druze of these countries was greater than those of the marriage in the Golan Heights and Lebanon. […] In support of Canada’s leading role in the advancement of refugee issues and the implementation of the GCR , it is important to scrutinize the notion of gender empowerment and related notions, such as agency, forced marriage and SGBV. […] Why would I work and degrade myself, meet this and meet that, the good and the bad? No, I apply Sotra to myself and my daughter and find a human being who is honest and straightforward and offers me a decent life. While the world has been hearing so much about Syria, little can be called uplifting or highly promising.

Even for those in school, the pandemic, its closures, and economic impact make accessing online education very difficult, encouraging more dropouts. The result is more child labor, child marriages, and stunted futures. Especially vulnerable are girls who are three times more likely to become child brides than they were in Syria. Each study was examined for relevant themes that could answer the research objectives. The following Table 1 summarises the findings with a summary of the themes. The total number of articles included in this review was eight. Most of the studies examined were qualitative, cross-sectional or narrative reviews [28–30].

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